Let’s Choose to Love

More recently than ever (probably because my small group shows me such an incredible amount of love), I have been feeling this urge to fight for my generation. I have felt compelled to make sure the people of my generation know how much God loves them and how amazing life is once their relationships with Christ begin. I have been learning how to display His love without coming across as judgmental because I do not want people to believe that being a Christian is a scary thing. It is not. Little did I know the same feelings were some that my small group also had, and Emily’s message hit right at home.

Last night at bible study with my incredible small group from church, we discussed how to love others with spiritually pure love without being overbearing. We as Christians get excited about all the blessings Jesus plants in our lives and in others’ lives. We cannot help but want to share His word and His love because we are wired for Christ. As I was talking to some of the most passionate women of Christ I have ever met, we decided that we do not have to push Christianity. If God is using us as a light in someones life, we often do not notice. Because we are loving them in so many little ways, we could be changing someones life without realizing the glory we are filling out. As long as we are loving the way God calls us to love, He will take care of the rest.

I really enjoyed that discussion that my good friend Emily L. had prepared for us about how to show Jesus to others without being forceful about Him. It is a challenge to decide how much of Christ we should push on someone and in what ways to do that. The thing is, just by being a living example of what God’s love should look like, we are changing our generation. People view Christianity as a scary thing..they think that there are so many rules that are attached to the religion itself, but there is not. God is just waiting for us to ask him to show up, and the second we ask him he is there with loving and opening arms.

One of my newer favorite worship songs, “Out of Hiding” by Bethel Music, speaks from the perspective of Jesus. He wants us to know how easy it is to come out of hiding, to take that extra step of faith and just trust that the love he has for us is enough, there is NOTHING to fear. He loved us before we knew what was love which says incredible things about the kind of father we serve. So if we are the people who are God’s love on display, wouldn’t it be so much easier for the people around us to acquire that leap? Wouldn’t they want to see where all this love is coming from?

It is not a chore for us to push people to Christ by simply just loving them. Thats where we need to start if we want to fight for the people we surround ourselves with.

-Alyssa Jennings


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